Monday, 19 July 2010

summer, hope & london bands (:

So I wouldn't say I've had the best day of my lifee... but there was some pretty darn nice things about it xD

So besides being a fairly average day a few days before the end of term with too many teachers actually making us do work there was...

1) Our immense debate in RS.

Hell yeah, we debate ;) about what we'd let our children watch on TV, about atheism, about emotions and where they come from and why we have them... it was intense !
...and the gibbin (our so called 'teacher') still decided to have a go at us saying we shouldn't complain about having too much work next year - wtf?

2) Making a Summer 2010 banner in PE

So we get to PE and they're all, 'you can watch this trampolining... or you can sit in the changing rooms and chat' well, gee, I don't know ermmm errr.... you know what, I'll just sit in the changing rooms (: And then in the changing rooms there was a random role of paper table cloth (or industrial sized toilet paper for industrial sized ars' as Belinda put it) so I cut a bit off, nabbed a sharpie and some fine liners, wrote 'Summer 2010' on it and got everyone to sign xD It's now on my wall and I think it's pretty awesome (:

3) Running into the cool American Hope people

So I don't know if you guys have ever heard of the Hope festival/mission thing (tbh I don't really know exactly what it is :/) but it's something to do with the baptist church. Anyways today I was getting off the bus and I saw a load of people wearing 'Hope' t-shirts and I also saw my friend Freya was talking to them so I went over and turns out they were a bunch of girls our age from America and we actually chatted to them for ages about the differences between here and there and it was really awesome! They also gave us these cool things called silly bands which are kind of like thin stretchy shag bands but when you take them off they ping back into little shapes...
'Silly Bands' - Microphone, drum kit & lion
4) London bands xD
So I had to have my cello lesson a bit early this evening, and the girl who had her lesson after me was a girl from my primary school, Jess. So when I was packing up, she see's I'm wearing an Ivyrise wristband and we ended up having this whole conversation about London bands and it turns out we were into practically the same stuff - which I thought was pretty cool :L

So yeahh - lots of small things = good day :)

Tomorrow is the release of LIGHTS Acoustic EP - so check it out, I know I will be (:

+ things I've liked today...

That's all for now dudes :)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

we all want to know... it ends

hey boys and girlss,
so I'm spending my day putting off doing my english coursework :/
not fun !

but on the plus side...
2 and a half days left of school
3 mornings left of getting up at 6:30
6 days until I go see Room 94 with Katie and Kerry
Kerry, me and Katie outside Ivyrise xD

So also, I just made another post about multi-tasking make-up for my old blog - Pixie Cherries
So if you're into make-up, check it out ;)

anyways, I better get on with my essay now :( Until next time ;)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

lazy sundays...

I love lazy Sundays :)
Until, I realise, that I actually have a tonne of work to do for tomorrow :/

So what have I done today? Well... I had a go at the prelude for the first of Bach's cello suites this morning - it's hard but I'll get it eventually... then I watched holes, so much love for that movie, hadn't seen it in ages

So what should I be doing? Well... my french oral is tomorrow so I should really be revising for that... and I have a history essay on Russia due on Tuesday so that needs doing as well... and oh god, RS - maybe I'll just not do the RS :L

So wish me luck on actually getting myself together and doing those things!

In the mean time, just thought I'd let you all know some of the awesome songs that have been dancing round my head all morning...
- Like Daddy, like Daughter - Gregory and the Hawk
- Blame it on the Rain - He is We
- Grace - the Scene Aesthetic


Saturday, 10 July 2010

new blogg :)

so i decided to make a new blog, as I wasn't really feeling my old one anymore... :L

I guess it shall simply be 'interesting' (I hope) anecdotes about my life (:

I think I have something fairly interesting for today...

So I was going to see my friend Alicia's to just chill out and watch movies and I thought, rather then spend money on the bus, I'd cycle - six and a half miles across country (: - I know I'm mad xD

So, six and a half miles, 3 kissing gates, a lot of overgrown path and 1 and a half hours later, I made it! Also did I mention that it was about 30 degrees today? It's actually hotter here at the moment then it is in California! Yeah, I know I sure know how to pick my moments...

But I did save money and burn calories right? Wrong. I then blew all the money i have (only five pounds!) on pizza and ice-cream :/ and seeing as I need to pay my friend Katie's mum back seven quid on Tuesday that wasn't the best idea !!

So I definitely cannot wait until summer now, not just because I'm sick to death of school! (Not only do I have 7 and a half days left to get through but a french oral, English coursework and a history essay as well!) but because summer = work = money = i can finally pay of my 'debts'. Resolution for summer - spend my money more wisely!

So will I be cycling to Alicia's again? Perhaps, but I'll definitely be taking a different route...

Until next time my lovelies, <3