Thursday, 27 June 2013

Marlow, 20th June

So last week I met the lovely Anne and we went for a walk around the beautiful Marlow and took some pictures on her incredible camera. (I'm so in love with it it's insane). It was definitely a lovely afternoon!

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Coat - Zara
Shoes - American Apparel
Bag - Vintage

Pinterest spammers drive me crazy

So I love pinterest. Although I do mostly use it as a personal shopping tool... but occasionally I do like to scroll down through my feed, occasionally re-pinning a few recipes (which I promise one day I will try) and when I'm doing this there's one thing that really drives me crazy...

Yup, you guessed it (I'm sure the title didn't help you there at all) - Pinterest spammers.
You're just scrolling through the nice little jumble of pins and then BAM, you come across this block of 100... sunglasses? pairs of earrings? WTF.

Let's be honest, it cannot be possible that you've looked properly at all 100 of those items and decided that each of them are so amazing that you have to pin them. No. You've just decided to pin them all. Probably because you're getting sponsored to do so. Well I don't know much about that but it's incredibly annoying and completely defeats the purpose of pinterest. Pinterest is meant to be about individuals pinning the things they love and like, creating a personal merge of interesting snippets of their interests. If I wanted to look through a brand or shops entire collection, I would go to their website. Or at the very least their own pinterest page. Frankly when a big block of junk like that comes up, I will scroll straight through without looking at any of it, because it annoys me and because it makes me think that well, if none of it stood out to you, who's to say any of it's going to stand out to me? Oh, and I'll unfollow you, naturally.

So please please please, pinterest users of the world, don't just pin everything you think might interest someone. Pin the things that mean something to you. Be an individual. It's what this wonderful website is for.

Oh and I don't claim I'm the most interesting pinner of all time, but feel free to take a look -