Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Little darling, it's been 3 years since you've been gone...

Yes, I'm talking about the sun. Or to be more accurate, summer. I truly think it's the first time in at least 3 years we've had anything which actually resembles summer here in the UK.

And how best to spend it? Well asides from spending far too much time dressed all in black for the various concerts I've been taking part in over the past week, I seemed to feel it appropriate to appreciate the summer weather from the hot streets of London. Ahem.

Well it wasn't quite the sudden heat which inspired the trip, but Anne and I did venture up to Brick Lane on Sunday and despite the heat making it all rather tiring, we did have a lovely time. And I got some new sunglasses, yay! But the highlight of the day for me had to be the pina colada in a pineapple.

the pineapple :')

Monday, 1 July 2013

Long distance relationships

There's a general belief, constantly perpetuated in films, tv shows and books, that long distance relationships don't work and that people who believe they can are merely being naïve. No doubt, this belief is not baseless, but I see long distance as more of a way of testing a relationship than dooming it. Being young and eager to go out and see the world, I'm determined not to give up opportunities to travel and study in interesting places for a relationship because I don't want to look back and blame someone else for the things I missed. This doesn't mean however, that I'm about to give up on a good relationship just because one of us is going away. The test is, is the relationship strong enough to survive the time spent apart? And to justify the risk of future heartache which comes with embarking on a long distance relationship, I've come to the conclusion that to have a chance of working, the relationship needs two things.

1. Strong foundations. You know those friendships where it doesn't matter if it's weeks, months or years since you last saw each other or even spoke to each other, your friendship is just as strong as ever whenever you do see each other. Well I'm a strong believer that boyfriends/girlfriends/partners/fiancée's/husbands/wives should be your best friend as well as your lover and this factor seems to be absolutely key to lasting through something like being a thousand miles apart. So following this line of argument, yes I would agree that if your relationship is based on two intense weeks of feeling in love with someone who you just met, the long distance thing probably doesn't stand much of a chance. In other words, the Edward and Bella cliche would never work in real life (not even just because vampires don't exist). 
2. Devotion. And frankly, this shouldn't be hard work - if it is, it probably just means you're not ready. Certainly though, if you find yourself constantly wondering what it would like to be with someone else and have the feeling that you're tying yourself down, then yes the chances are that on the nights you're feeling lonely, or sexually frustrated, or a bit of both, you're probably going to find the whole loyalty thing fairly impossible.

And the reason I see long distance as a test? These are things that I hope to have in a relationship anyway. Without these two things, sooner or later, it'll probably fall apart with or without the distance. Distance seems to be more of a catalyst in this case - it doesn't doom the relationship, it just brings it to and end faster. So my conclusion and my advice, embrace distance because life's going to have its ups and downs further down the road anyway and if your relationship can survive the distance now, then hopefully it'll be able to survive the ups and downs later, when breaking up and moving on would be far harder, far messier and far more painful. Oh and when you get to see each other again, its doubly special because of the time you spent apart.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Marlow, 20th June

So last week I met the lovely Anne and we went for a walk around the beautiful Marlow and took some pictures on her incredible camera. (I'm so in love with it it's insane). It was definitely a lovely afternoon!

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Coat - Zara
Shoes - American Apparel
Bag - Vintage

Pinterest spammers drive me crazy

So I love pinterest. Although I do mostly use it as a personal shopping tool... but occasionally I do like to scroll down through my feed, occasionally re-pinning a few recipes (which I promise one day I will try) and when I'm doing this there's one thing that really drives me crazy...

Yup, you guessed it (I'm sure the title didn't help you there at all) - Pinterest spammers.
You're just scrolling through the nice little jumble of pins and then BAM, you come across this block of 100... sunglasses? pairs of earrings? WTF.

Let's be honest, it cannot be possible that you've looked properly at all 100 of those items and decided that each of them are so amazing that you have to pin them. No. You've just decided to pin them all. Probably because you're getting sponsored to do so. Well I don't know much about that but it's incredibly annoying and completely defeats the purpose of pinterest. Pinterest is meant to be about individuals pinning the things they love and like, creating a personal merge of interesting snippets of their interests. If I wanted to look through a brand or shops entire collection, I would go to their website. Or at the very least their own pinterest page. Frankly when a big block of junk like that comes up, I will scroll straight through without looking at any of it, because it annoys me and because it makes me think that well, if none of it stood out to you, who's to say any of it's going to stand out to me? Oh, and I'll unfollow you, naturally.

So please please please, pinterest users of the world, don't just pin everything you think might interest someone. Pin the things that mean something to you. Be an individual. It's what this wonderful website is for.

Oh and I don't claim I'm the most interesting pinner of all time, but feel free to take a look - http://pinterest.com/beccaleeny/

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I laugh like a retard.

Because that's just how I laugh when I find something funny.

 And you're really not supposed to worry about how you laugh...

If you've chosen a laugh, I think you may be laughing for the wrong reasons.

And the right people will think your retarded laugh is amazing. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Come on come all you're just in time...

...to witness my first breakdown.

(Okay, maybe not my first...)

So after weeks of feeling tired constantly, I finally actually end up off school sick these past few days.

But I'm not the only one...

My friends have been dropping off like flies! One of them won't be in school for weeks, maybe even months! Something about chronic fatigue...

I say it's stress. AS' are slowly killing us...

However, these past few days have been good for me. I've taken some time out, relaxed... now I need to kick start myself right back in there *groan*

But before I go do that (okay, yes I'm procrastinating - it's what I do best!) , I was reading my friends blog the other day and she included 100 facts about her. Now I don't have time for 100, so let's try 10? Here we go...

1) I want to move to New Zealand. Or maybe America... or Canada? Somewhere different...
2) I don't believe in God.
3) I'm deathly afraid of making mistakes.
4) I overanalyse. Everything. Including what to eat for breakfast.
5) I cry. A lot. Even when I'm not really upset...
6) I'm currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars.
7) I only watch live TV when I'm ill.
8) I like to 'waste' my time playing silly games that I really should be too old for. Such as Cooking Academy. Or Tamagotchi Corner Shop...
9) I love hugs and cuddles. I could cuddle people all day. Especially my boyfriend. (But it doesn't haaave to be him)
10) I am very anal about following baking recipes. Especially Hummingbird Bakery. But I like to think that's the reason why everyone loves my cupcakes so much...

So there you go, that'll do for today :)

Before I go...


I officially cannot wait :')

Oh and check out my latest LB...


Friday, 20 May 2011

So I know sequels are usually crap...

... but this one just takes the biscuit!

I have to say, Mean Girls has to be one of my favourite movies of all time, I mean where would we be without the famous 'Don't have sex, or else you will get pregnant... and die.' or the all time classic 'Boo, you whore.' ?? Teenage life just would not be the same...

But Mean Girls 2? What is this tweenage bullshit? Take it back to the Disney factory and call it Bratz...
oh wait, they already did that!


The saddest thing for me is that I was quite excited when I first heard about Mean Girls 2, even though we all know deep down, that it is impossible to ever truly remake a classic, Friends and Mean Girls will have to remain a thing of the past... But when I saw the trailer for Mean Girls 2, I was truly horrified ...

What Disney don't seem to understand is that although the original Mean Girls plot was a little far-fetched, it was something we could relate to...
Bitchy plastics? common feature of most High Schools.
Burned stereotypical loser ex-friend of plastics? Well it's kinda a package deal...
Sneaky sabotage, rumours, back stabbing and lots and lots of bitching? The obvious revenge plan...

But sexy new girl leads to civillian uprising to overthrow the plastic royalty?

And what's with their outfits?

I'm sorry, let's compare...

Okay so most of us never thought that the plastics outfits were amazing or anything, but they looked realistic, they didn't wear tacky sunglasses and most importantly, they didn't look like they'd been shopping in the aged 9-13 section !! No, in some way, they definitely looked kinda, hot. These girls look like they're trying to look rich, and failing. MISERABLY!


Okay, rant over.

Now let's enjoy some of the best bits of the original... :')

until next time <3