Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Come on come all you're just in time... witness my first breakdown.

(Okay, maybe not my first...)

So after weeks of feeling tired constantly, I finally actually end up off school sick these past few days.

But I'm not the only one...

My friends have been dropping off like flies! One of them won't be in school for weeks, maybe even months! Something about chronic fatigue...

I say it's stress. AS' are slowly killing us...

However, these past few days have been good for me. I've taken some time out, relaxed... now I need to kick start myself right back in there *groan*

But before I go do that (okay, yes I'm procrastinating - it's what I do best!) , I was reading my friends blog the other day and she included 100 facts about her. Now I don't have time for 100, so let's try 10? Here we go...

1) I want to move to New Zealand. Or maybe America... or Canada? Somewhere different...
2) I don't believe in God.
3) I'm deathly afraid of making mistakes.
4) I overanalyse. Everything. Including what to eat for breakfast.
5) I cry. A lot. Even when I'm not really upset...
6) I'm currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars.
7) I only watch live TV when I'm ill.
8) I like to 'waste' my time playing silly games that I really should be too old for. Such as Cooking Academy. Or Tamagotchi Corner Shop...
9) I love hugs and cuddles. I could cuddle people all day. Especially my boyfriend. (But it doesn't haaave to be him)
10) I am very anal about following baking recipes. Especially Hummingbird Bakery. But I like to think that's the reason why everyone loves my cupcakes so much...

So there you go, that'll do for today :)

Before I go...


I officially cannot wait :')

Oh and check out my latest LB...


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