Sunday, 11 July 2010

lazy sundays...

I love lazy Sundays :)
Until, I realise, that I actually have a tonne of work to do for tomorrow :/

So what have I done today? Well... I had a go at the prelude for the first of Bach's cello suites this morning - it's hard but I'll get it eventually... then I watched holes, so much love for that movie, hadn't seen it in ages

So what should I be doing? Well... my french oral is tomorrow so I should really be revising for that... and I have a history essay on Russia due on Tuesday so that needs doing as well... and oh god, RS - maybe I'll just not do the RS :L

So wish me luck on actually getting myself together and doing those things!

In the mean time, just thought I'd let you all know some of the awesome songs that have been dancing round my head all morning...
- Like Daddy, like Daughter - Gregory and the Hawk
- Blame it on the Rain - He is We
- Grace - the Scene Aesthetic


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