Saturday, 10 July 2010

new blogg :)

so i decided to make a new blog, as I wasn't really feeling my old one anymore... :L

I guess it shall simply be 'interesting' (I hope) anecdotes about my life (:

I think I have something fairly interesting for today...

So I was going to see my friend Alicia's to just chill out and watch movies and I thought, rather then spend money on the bus, I'd cycle - six and a half miles across country (: - I know I'm mad xD

So, six and a half miles, 3 kissing gates, a lot of overgrown path and 1 and a half hours later, I made it! Also did I mention that it was about 30 degrees today? It's actually hotter here at the moment then it is in California! Yeah, I know I sure know how to pick my moments...

But I did save money and burn calories right? Wrong. I then blew all the money i have (only five pounds!) on pizza and ice-cream :/ and seeing as I need to pay my friend Katie's mum back seven quid on Tuesday that wasn't the best idea !!

So I definitely cannot wait until summer now, not just because I'm sick to death of school! (Not only do I have 7 and a half days left to get through but a french oral, English coursework and a history essay as well!) but because summer = work = money = i can finally pay of my 'debts'. Resolution for summer - spend my money more wisely!

So will I be cycling to Alicia's again? Perhaps, but I'll definitely be taking a different route...

Until next time my lovelies, <3

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  1. i feel like your minion, "my lovelies"